Nachiket Apte
Hi! I'm Nachi.
Software Engineer - UX Researcher

About Me

I currently live and work in Cologne, Germany. I completed my MSc. in Media Informatics from RWTH Aachen and my BSc. in Computer Science from Fergusson College, Pune.

I'm interested in mobile application development, ubiquitous & wearable computing, information security, information retrieval, new media and interactive design.



Munchkin™ level counting and score-keeping for your Chromecast.


Generate silly Facebook statuses by "mashing" unrelated statuses together using probabilistic Markov chains.

Friend classifier

Classify your facebook friends into lists based on the amount of times they interact with you.

Hunger Games CrossFilter

Analysis of the Hunger Games programming contest results by


Sort a Spotify playlist in reverse order.


A PAM module to enable RFID tag-based user authentication in Linux.


Prototype for a flip card app for German speakers learning English.

Resources for English speakers living in Cologne, Germany.

Location & context-aware systems

An outdoor (GPS-based) post-it note system and an indoor (Ubisense-based) heatmap generator.


Implementation of an annotation processing video player as part of the EU-funded CitizenMedia project.